Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Associate Dean, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, UNSW Faculty of Science

Lisa serves as co-Associate Dean Equity Diversity and Inclusion in the UNSW Faculty of Science. She has held this role since 2019. Key initiatives include a carer support scheme, a career support scheme for women, and flexible work guidelines. More information on these activities and more is available here.

Chief Investigator, Office for Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador

Lisa was Chief Investigator on the grants that funded the Office for Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador, awarded by the Australian Government. Lisa worked alongside the Ambassador, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, to deploy key initiatives to improve participation of women and girls in STEM. Research activities included an analysis of 20 years of Australian government grants data to examine trends in gender equity over time, a systematic review of equity initiatives, and an empirical examination of the efficacy of a digital campaign Future You in promoting interest in science careers. More about the Office and its activities can be found here.

UNSW Self-Assessment Team, SAGE Athena Swan

From 2015-2019, Lisa served on the UNSW SAGE Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team. She led a subgroup examining career development offerings and uptake, served as lead-researcher for the Staff Survey, and played an integral role in developing and writing UNSW’s Bronze Award Application. She also facilitated an analysis of potential gender disparities in grant applications to the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.